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Solar Panels Interference

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  • Solar Panels Interference

    As can be shown on a search with Google it is very well known solar panels create massive radio interference unless properly supressed by the supplier. Such as the Spikes caused when switching power to or from the grid. These can cause Routers to crash. To avoid the need to install mains filters does anyone know of equipment available to test if six large panels in the roof of a neighbour are causing interference?

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    I'd go for an oscilloscope. It would have to have enough bandwidth to see in the range your interference is noted to be in. You'd want a small feed horn to catch the RF and convert it to an electrical signal, and the o-scope would display that signal. Compare the same type of readings taken when the panels are active, and when they're shut off. If there's a marked difference, there's your culprit. But bear in mind the same interference could also be on the mains power coming into your house, so you'd want to look at how clean that is, as well.
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