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    Due to poor lines here presumably my fibre speed with BT has dropped from 18 to just over 14 Mbps over a year. How can Sky guarantee in their current TV adverts never to drop any speed if the lines etc. are all controlled by BT?

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    It's called advertising... truth doesn't necessarily come into it....
    (If you read the small print in the sky contracts, there will be some weasel wording around "factors outside our control... contention... wind direction... all affecting speed)
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      As long as your connection speed is at or above the ' least...' speed that's in the fine print, they're covered. Your problem is most likely down to capacity. Over time, an upline connection has gotten more users subscribing on it than when your circuit stood up, so everyone downline has just that little bit less bandwidth per head than previously.
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        In the US most ISP's offer bandwidth up to x Mbps. So technically any speed that you get is up to their advertised speed. They all also provide no guarantee of service in their disclaimer. From Time Warner Cable:

        (a) No Warranties. Our Services (which, for purposes of this section 10, also refers to our equipment and software) are not guaranteed to work, to be error- or virus-free, or to be compatible with any services, equipment or software not provided to you by TWC or our licensors or suppliers (including Customer-Owned Equipment). Our services are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. Neither we nor our licensors or suppliers make any warranties of any kind with respect to these services. This includes so-called "implied warranties" (such as those of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose). If the law where you live says we cannot exclude certain warranties, then those warranties are not excluded.