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Emails and servers

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  • Emails and servers

    Can anyone suggest why emails I receive from some friends fail to display any images inserted, though I have no such problem with such emails I send myself to test.

    Also is it safe to temporarily install my Orange Broadband software using an old Speedtouch USB modem on a friend's laptop when he comes, which already has BT Router software installed? I want to install Skype for him, or does Skype etc only recognise the orginal phone being used to install them.

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    Re: Emails and servers

    skype can be installed on any computer, at any time.. it's not specific to an internet connection, or phone, or computer

    as far as I'm aware anyway. if you're unsure, just downloadf the executable from the skype site.
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      Re: Emails and servers

      Thanks, but what I need to know is can I start to install Skype using my modem next time he calls to join in a Skype meeting? If so will his BT Broadband and Skype still work when he returns to his address?

      The problem of my of my friend's emails failing to show images inserted has partly been solved by her sending them on a laptop. So I told her to try to compare the Outlook Express setups of the PC and and the laptop.


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        Re: Emails and servers

        Skype has absolutely nothing to do with the way you connect to the internet. The only thing that matters is the username you put into skype when you start it.
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          Re: Emails and servers

          Download the Skype installer onto your USB key and install from there.

          Wait till your friend gets home then talk him through the setup process. Pretty easy from memory.


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            Re: Emails and servers

            Thanks. But if you check I think you will find the latest version of Skype insists you enter your email address online then install Skype online. So would it allow hm to install it at my address using my Broadband? The run it at his home afterwards?


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              Re: Emails and servers


              I think you'll find that the install will work but the final config needs the internet. The install can be done offline and then configured when the user gets home.