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Accessing the internet from a switch

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  • Accessing the internet from a switch

    I have a Netgear switch which is outside the Domain, and has a couple of VLANs on it. I plugged a laptop with a public IP, netmask, gateway and DNS IP into port 1, which is on VLAN 1(Default). I cannot get out to the internet, which I need to do to run a speed test. I have also tried this with a private IP address, that is in the same range as the switches IP. What do I need to do in order to get outside?

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    Does your switch connect to the internet? If so how? Which VLAN is your internet connection on?

    Are you using a valid public IP address from your provider? Does this IP address conflict with anything else that is on the network?

    Does your switch allow your connection? Can you ping the gateway address?


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      The setup is as follows: I have fiber come in and goes to a Cisco 3550-24. A line goes from there to a Netgear FS726TP. The Netgear has a couple of VLANs each of which to to a radio on a tower. There is a VLAN 1 (Default) ( allports on the VLAN 1 are set to "U)" on the Netgear. I will plug into a port on the VLAN 1. If I set the laptop to an IP in the Cisco's range, without conflicting, and set the gateway to the Cisco's IP, should I be able to get to the internet, using a public DNS IP for the DNS setting? I want to test the speed of the connection to the Netgear.

      Second, if the above works, should Ii be able to go to the receiving radio on the other end, with the above setup on the laptop, and still get to the internet, to test form the Netgear swirch at the other location.


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        Does your Cisco plug into the same VLAN?


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          Yes, the Cisco is configured with the VLANs.


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            I have been on the Netgear switch, and I cannot ping the Cisco from any of the VLANs. The connection between the two is fiber. The Netgear connects to each of the radios.


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              So according to your comments both the Netgear switch and the Cisco router have VLAN's, or am i getting mixed up?

              What do you mean radios?

              Try this.

              1. Unplug the Netgear switch from the Cisco router and plug your notebook directly into it.
              2. Configure the notebook with the same IP address that you are using and configure the gateway.
              3. Ping the gateway address, ping post the results.
              4. Plug the Netgear back into the Cisco.
              5. Login to the Netgear switch and try to ping the gateway and again and post the results.

              My reckoning is that there is some config issue somewhere or you are plugging into the wrong VLAN somewhere and traffic isn't flowing correctly.

              Are you able to get the config from both devices and post it?? Please ensure that you sanitise it prior to posting.


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                The Netgear is what the radios on our tower feed into (they are pointed at various buildings which have antennas on them). I have put the IP range assigned to a VLAN on our router, on my laptop and plugged it into the port on the Netgear assigned to the VLAN. I am unable ping either the Cisco or the router (or get out to the internet). I am using an XP laptop,without a firewall. I would have to do this on off time, as unplugging the Cisco from the Netgear would take down the network. The fiber goes into the Cisco and then gets connected to the Netgear. I do not see in the Netgear setup anything that would prevent pinging. Is there anything else on the laptop I should disable? If I can get the chance to do as you describe, I will,but I am looking for anything I could be doing that is preventing me from connecting to the internet.


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                  Probably nothing in the laptop if you can access when not trying this.