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VPN client error connect mapped drive by server name

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  • VPN client error connect mapped drive by server name

    Dear Everybody,
    I have a question regarding VPN client software setup on my laptop.
    In my corporate network, i mapped network driver by server name : \\abc\Engineering
    when i am outside my network, i use that VPN client to connect to file server at corporate

    Problem is I can't ping from my laptop to file server by server name : ping abc but i can ping it by server ip :
    also when i tried to access Engineering folder that mapped on my laptop, the message appear : An error accrued while connecting to L:\\abc\Engineering

    i decided to disconnect the mapped drive \\abc\engineering and remapped Engineering by server ip: net use L:\\192.168.5\Engineering
    Can you help me about this please?
    We are using VPN Clients software free from this site:
    Best regards,
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    Speak to your network administrator as it is likely there are some restrictions on what you can access by VPN
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      It sounds like you don't have the LMHOSTS file set up properly in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.

      This file provides a mechanism through which names of computers on remote networks can be resolved. Open the file in Notepad - it contains instructions on how to set this up.

      Here's the lmhosts file for our network that I have on my home PC:

      # My Workplace lmhosts file phobos #PRE #DOM:HTLINCS orion

      Phobos is the name of one of our domain controllers and Orion is the name of our data server
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        Deaer Mr.Blood,
        Thanks so much for your help!
        It is working like a charm!
        best regards,
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          Great! I'm glad you got it working
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