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    Hello Everybody,
    It's my first time to ask about Firewall.
    At my friend's office, I saw in Watchgaurd Firewall, they configured Port allowing,
    My question is ,
    1-When will we need to enable port in firewall? Which Protocol we will assigned to that port?
    I hope that, i will get more learning from this and please forgive me any mistakes.
    Best regards,

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    I'm very familiar with Watchguard. What do you mean by "they configured Port allowing"?

    Are you talking about the interfaces on the Watchguard or setting up rules to allow certain protocols through the firewall?

    Most commonly you will setup rules to allow traffic on certain TCP and UDP ports though the firewall. Examples would be web traffic (HTTP) which is by default on TCP port 80 and DNS (default UDP port 53).

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      I am sorry Sir for my poor explaining!
      What i meant is :
      When or if our network has Watch guard installed as security, and we will have windows server 2008 as DC with some third party programs installed.
      -Which protocol that we need to setting up rule to allow through firewall?
      I believe that, i will get more understanding through you or everybody here.
      So great for this forum because it's very simple explaining , with extreme understanding!
      Best regards,


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        Originally posted by veasna_yim View Post
        Which protocol that we need to setting up rule to allow through firewall?
        That is really going to depend on what applications you have running.
        If you have Exchange you will need Port 25 and 443 (and maybe others depending on your setup).
        If you use just Outlook then Port 110 and 25 and Port 465 if you use Gmail.
        If you want to use and external Time Server the Port 123 and UDP protocol.
        Remote Desktop Port 3389 with both TCP and UDP.

        The list goes on. Is this what you mean?

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          Yes Sir,
          Thanks so much for your help to get me understand.
          Best regards,