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Connecting 2 lan's with the same IP addresses

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  • Connecting 2 lan's with the same IP addresses

    I'v two networks with the same addresses. i'v been ask to find a the best way to connect them together with the use of NAT or something else
    both of them will talk to an out side source...
    It is not possible to change the IP addresses of the LAN'S

    Can some one help me?????


    Michel vaillancourt

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    Assuming both LANs are using Private IPs behind firewalls, and you're talking about both systems talking from their private ranges thru the Internet to the other's firewall, had you considered using a VPN tunnel between the 2? Can you provide a diagram of how you want to get them talking, and some of the hardware model numbers you're using now? Pls also give an idea of how much traffic we're talking about, how many devices on each end and what is supposed to be accessible to the other side?
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