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My work place isn't allowed to use DHCP?

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  • My work place isn't allowed to use DHCP?

    I just started a new part time job as a server administrator at my University (while taking classes) and we are getting ready to migrate 8 servers to 2008 R2. Anyway we only have about 120 or so clients since it's a research/lab department and all the clients are statically configured. Apparently they laid off the people who set up this network about a year ago and they didn't know what they were doing ect. The entire place is a mess but we can't really do anything about it and I'm still trying to learn how it all works or is suppose to.

    Anyway all the clients are statically configured because they said the university apparently doesn't allow it. I understand the reasoning because the university is afraid a dhcp server in our department can leak to the university wide network and start giving IP addresses and screw things up ect.

    We get all our internet and everything through our University but we still pay for certain ports ect. I'm new to all this but I don't understand why it's like this or if there is a way we can use a dhcp server AND prevent it from giving out IP addresses to the rest of the university and clients not in our domain ect.

    The network is set up weird as well. We only use 3 main class b subnets of, and but when I did a scan there's a lot of clients in those subnets NOT in our domain or part of our department but somewhere else on an entirely different floor in the building, I'm confused.

    I was wondering if anyone who knows a lot about office politics and IT could offer me some insight.

    By the way I am MCSE + CCNA certified but I was trained being able to use dhcp and was told it's rare I'd run into a place where it's not used and it's rare to NOT be able to use dhcp.
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    Re: My work place isn't allowed to use DHCP?

    Remember DHCP is not routable so all you need is a gateway between your subnet and the remainder of the university to keep it safely under control
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