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Private network with internet access?

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  • Private network with internet access?

    I need to set up SharePoint 2010 for a development project.

    Following various instructions online I have managed to create 2 VMs. One to host AD and one to host SharePoint. On the AD VM I created a new domain and added the SP users accounts I will need. I set both VMs to use the host only network option so they could see each other. Then I added the SP VM to the new domain. So far so good.

    Now, I need the SP VM to be able to access our Source control system.

    How can I grant this VM or this private network access to the internet? I am pretty new to VMware and not much of an IT guy so forgive me if this is obvious to those of you with more skill. And of course if my whole approach is just plain wrong I'm open to other ways of setting this up.

    System details:
    Host laptop: Win7 64 w/ 12 GB
    VM OS: 2008 R2
    VMWare Workstatation: 7.1.0 build 261024


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    Re: Private network with internet access?

    I continued to try various configurations and now have something working.

    AD VM is using NAT.
    SP VM is using VMNet8 and DNS is pointed at the AD VM as well as the DNS my host is using.


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      Re: Private network with internet access?

      Ok, gotta ask, what is your laptop make & model? Never seen one that will take 12GB RAM. N I C E ! ! !

      Since you have added this SP VM to the Domain that means the users on the Domain should be able to access the SP VM. Can you check this by pinging the SP VM from a client machine on the Domain use both IP and Server Name?
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