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Printing remotely over VPN with redirected printers

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  • Printing remotely over VPN with redirected printers

    Hello All,

    I am currently having an issue trying to get a few of my co-workers to print to a network printer, while using a VPN Connection to their desktop at another location. For simplicity reasons, we will say that location A is where they sit and want to print. Location B is where the remote computer resides.

    I have never changed the settings on my laptop(Location A), nor the computer I remote into(Location B), and I can simply change the selected printer. Under my options for printers, it has the TOSHIBA UNIVERSAL PRINTER(Redirected 3). This printer works perfectly fine for me.

    My three co-workers that I am trying to set up, cannot see the TOSHIBA UNIVERSAL PRINTER as a redirected printer. It only shows "Microsoft XPS Document Writer (Redirected). So it seems there is redirection present. In the settings in the Remote desktop connection program, in the Local Resources tab, it does give you the option to use printers through this connection. I have printers and the clipboard checked off.

    From the coworkers new computers at Location A, I can successfully redirect the printer if I connect to my PC at location B, even if i use my coworkers credentials. This gives me the impression that issue has to be on the coworkers computers at Location B.

    Any advise and information is greatly appreciated,
    Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas

    Thank you

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    Have you looked at the event log for the computer hosting the remote desktop to check if there are any System Events complaining that the driver for xxxx printer cannot be found? The event will be logged at the same time the connection is established. Is the printer your co-workers wish to use exactly the same as the one you are referring to that is redirected when you remotely access the desktop?
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