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Windows 7 VPN errors

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  • Windows 7 VPN errors

    OK I'm a newbe... So forgive me if I sound real stupid.
    I've been trying to set up a VPN on server 2003. At this point it looks like it's set up correctly and working on the server, but when I try to log in with Windows 7 I get the ubiquitus "Error 691" . Which apparently referres to several possible problems. The obvious one is that the creds are not right. Well I've checked that one and that isn't my issue. The next thing would be firewalls on one end or the other. Turned all of those off. Still no good.

    Been reading on line for two hours and everything seems to be going around in circles. I know I'm not the only one with this problem because of all those questions out there. I also know that it's going to be a simple switch somewhere, that will make me feel really stupid. I just can't seem to find it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Windows 7 VPN errors

    What are you using as the VPN endpoint? RRAS? ISA? 3rd party?

    Is the server a domain member? Is the user account you're connecting as a domain user or a local user on the server?

    Have you tried connecting using an OS other than Windows 7?
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      Re: Windows 7 VPN errors

      Using RRAS. The server is the DNS for a small network. The log in user is a member of the domain users. I even listed the log in party as an admin, and member of the VPN users.

      Have not used any other OS for a log in yet.


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        Re: Windows 7 VPN errors

        Check the system logs on the RRAS server. You should see an accompanying error on there if the requests are reaching the server. If they aren't then check your router, make sure the VPN traffic is getting forwarded to the appropriate server.
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          Re: Windows 7 VPN errors

          Thanks for that advice. Frankly I wasn't sure I was getting past the router. There are clearly several error notations where is shows that I tried to log in. It says the log in failed because an unknown user name or password was used.
          I'm using the same creds I use to RDP into that server. Do I have to register a user name and password somewhere else for the vpn to to allow me in?