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Netgear DG834 connection problem

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  • Netgear DG834 connection problem

    I have a connection problem For quite along time I used a Conexant 4-port modem/router.
    There was a recent local power failure which upset my machine. Having got it all working again with some difficulty I found I could not reconfigure my router/modem. I assumed the power failure was the cause and bought a Netgear dg834 v3 router which although listed as used looks pristine. The instructions don't look as if they have been handled. I cannot connect to the internet. The modem's lights are OK. The network places show connection. I have followed the installation procedure carefully several times to no avail. I am currently using an old Speedtouch modem which connects through some kind of dial-up system which connects at about 4.5 mps. but it works. The Netgear help disc gets to a point where a Set-up Wizard is suggested but it doesn't espond. At one stage there is an instruction to enter into a browser but as it not connected to the internet that doesn't work. Message is "Unable to load page etc." I am at a loss. Any suggestions please?
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    Re: Netgear DG834 connection problem

    There should be a "factory reset" button you should apply, then you will be able to access the web page on the IP given. Check your PC is set to get DHCP addresses first.

    btw, we really prefer you do not add semi-disguised links to other forums, particularly several links to the same place.
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      Re: Netgear DG834 connection problem

      The DG834s normally have a pretty obvious reset button on the back, just hold it in with a pen for a few seconds and you should see the lights change as the device resets and reboots.
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        Re: Netgear DG834 connection problem

        To Ossian,
        I apologise if I have committed a misdemeanour. I don't know what a semi-disguised link is. Where should I have posted?

        To Cruachan,
        I didn't realise the little hole between the power input and a port is a reset button. I will try it and see what happens.

        Thank you to both.


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          Re: Netgear DG834 connection problem

          Originally posted by zumlif View Post
          To Ossian,
          I apologise if I have committed a misdemeanour. I don't know what a semi-disguised link is. Where should I have posted?
          He's referring to the links you placed in your post.
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            Re: Netgear DG834 connection problem

            The Manual.

            Also found on the CD that came with the device.
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