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distributed network monitoring

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  • distributed network monitoring

    Ok here's an interesting one...
    To start with, I'm aware of tools like Nagios and Hobbit, both of which are good programmes.

    What I'd prefer though, is a monitoring program that consists of a central server, and the "agents" that can be installed on whatever, wherever, and report back over HTTP or HTTPS only - even on disparate networks.

    Ie, I want to have a central server that can display all the alerts received from the clients. This server might exist on the internet, for arguments sake.
    Each of the client agents can then report back over HTTP/S - even if they aren't on the same network - so for instance, I might have two agents, installed at two different computers, in different countries, both of which can report back to the central server, without needing a vPN or anything like that, or any other firewal hole other than HTTPS.

    The client would always talk to the server, but the server should never talk to the client.

    This is kind of different to my understanding of the usual monitoring tools.
    It should be platform distinctive, in so far as possible. Obviously something like a Switch or router would not be able to report back.

    Does anyone know anything like this, or does it make sense ?
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    Re: distributed network monitoring

    Have you had a look at ?
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      Re: distributed network monitoring

      i'm looking now..
      basically what I'm looking for is client-initiated agent reporting, using https encryption, and authentication of some sort
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