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ISCSI with multipathing

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  • ISCSI with multipathing

    I have a really odd request from the people upstairs and I will attemp to explain it to you and hope to get back a response.

    They would like to replace the NFS Share with ISCSI I have no problem doing this part. The issue I am having is to setup ISCSI on both DB servers and to have fail over. So if DB1 goes down webserver1 will automatically know to move all traffic over to DB2 for redundant. I would like to know is this even possible. The way I am looking at it, I don't see a way to do it because your asking the webservers to treat both ISCSI servers as one server. From what I am reading it seems multipathing is almost the same as Bonding it allows two interfaces to be treated as one.

    Does anyone out there know of a way to set this up or can someone tell me that this isn't possible.
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