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weird networking issue...

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  • weird networking issue...

    this is a really weird issue that has be baffled..

    my computer running windows 7 all of the sudden cannot connect to my router via ethernet whilst other computers are able even iphone via wireless.
    heres where it gets confusing when i connect my older router it works fine.
    i have reset ip stack, winsock, cleared arp cache, updated NIC drivers to no avail.. i cant figure out if its something on my PC or the router.
    i have configured addresses manually.
    any ideas?

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    Re: weird networking issue...

    Can you ping to the router?
    What kind of router is that?
    Can you connect to other router port?


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      Re: weird networking issue...

      have you:
      A) power cycled the router
      B) tried a separate network port on the router

      is this definitely Ethernet, or is it wireless connectivity you're having issues with ?
      At the moment, as it works with your old router, I'm suspecting an issue with the 'new' or current router...
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        Re: weird networking issue...

        i cannot ping the router..

        request timed out.

        my brother can connect to it fine, i swapped router ports with my one and i still cannot ping the router.

        the old one is lynksys the new one is billion wireless n

        i restarted the power many times.

        i allowed my mac address on the router which has built in firewall mac filter and now it comes back with

        reply from my computer ip destination host unreachable

        i put in a different NIC and it still doesnt work.

        wireless is not an issue, my iphone connects fine to it. 2 other pc's connecting via ethernet are fine except my pc so you would think the problem lies with my pc but i can connect with the old router so its not the cable and it doesnt like my pc in that instance.

        i tried the loopback address and i received a reply also when i ping my own ip it is fine so the NIC seems to be ok.
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          Re: weird networking issue...

          Have you checked your firewall settings. Some firewalls enable a high security mode that does extra checks on DNS settings. Some programs that manage external devices can be denied access by such stringent settings. If your firewall allows it, try using a lower security setting and let us know how you get on.
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            Re: weird networking issue...

            thanks for the posts i fixed it..

            i put the windows 7 cd in and hit repair after a restart it worked fine..

            i guess it was my pc... but if you ask me it really looked 50-50 router - pc..