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Timout connecting to an outside vendor

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  • Timout connecting to an outside vendor

    I have an internal network that uses a 10.10.10 ip address range. Currently we have an outside vendor that is hosting some database servers for us, and now we are having people inside our network connecting to this outside server. Our We have given this vendor the outside IP of our firewall and they have allowed that IP through to their network.

    Now we are having users complain that after being connected to the database for 15 minutes they get a timeout. I had the vendor put the server outside their firewall and the problem goes away. If Itry and connect from inside our network, the timeout happens again.

    Is this something set on my firewall that could be causing the timeout, or is it related to DHCP on mynetwork? I am not sure where to start looking.


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    Re: Timout connecting to an outside vendor

    it could be a timeout issue on either end.
    best place to start, would be to use a packet sniffer like wireshark, and capture some packets, then start looking to see where the tcp streams start closing down.

    you're looking for either RST (RESET) or FIN (connection closed gracefully)

    this will give you a starting point, if it's your end or the other.

    There may also be inactivity timeouts configured somewhere.. eiter on the router(s) or the SQL database....
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