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    I am currently setting up a data centre. However, the fibre VPN tunnel between our corporate office and the data centre is quite delayed. I would like to start building and configuring the data centre. It is worth noting, the link between to two sites will be layer two to assist in moving servers between the sites. The data centre and corporate office both have 2M internet connections (only temporary). I am hoping to use a tunnel between the two sites until the fibre link is in place.

    1. I have a few Cisco 881 I could use as part of a temporary solution. Is it possible to establish a temporary VPN tunnel from a using one of these router in the DC to our Windows-Server hosted PPTP VPN service?
    2. Establish VPN links from each server hosted in the DC to our Windows-Server hosted PPTP VPN service.


    (Sorry if some of the terminologies are a bit off )


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    Re: Temporary VPN Link

    If it's temporary I'd use PPTP, purely for simplicity. I'm not a Cisco guy, but from what experience I do have setting up VPNs on them is not particularly straightforward.

    Setup a PPTP site-to-site VPN between 2 windows servers running RRAS, one in each site. Give the ends of the VPN a static IP in the site they terminate in, and then add a static route to your default gateway at each site pointing to the static IP as the route to the other subnet.
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