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Transferring an executive file accross a LAN

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  • Transferring an executive file accross a LAN

    I have two PC'S networked in a LAN.

    I have placed an executable file , the ZA Installation file in the "shared " folder on one machine which is then "seen" on the shared folder on the other PC.

    What I would like to do is transfer this file to the second machine so that I can use it to re-install ZA there as well .

    What I tried was , initially tiling the two browser windows , one containing the file and then tried to move it across to the other tiled browser page containg the desired folder on the second machine.

    I wasn't allowed to do this , getting a message saying I needed Administrative "permission"

    What "permission " is this ? I am the sole user of these machines and have , as I thought , full privileges and permissions.

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    Re: Transferring an executive file accross a LAN

    Does this relate to your Windows 7 & XP post, ltop and dtop? If it does then this is close to a double post. Let's get it sorted out on the other thread first and not split it up and cause confusion. Ta.
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      Re: Transferring an executive file accross a LAN

      Yes it does .

      Apologies here but I assure you I had no intention of double posting. I thought this was really a different subject from the other posts which were on the general difficulties of networking setup whereas this is a difficulty which only arises after that setup has been achieved.

      For that reason I thought it would be less confusing if I originated a separate post .

      I meant to add here that Im not sure what I should do now with this post . Do you move it to the thread in WIN 7 under my name or must I do that ? If the latter , how do I go about removing it and replacing it in the appropriate place , please ?
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