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    I currently have been asked to update my current network. It consists of an HP ProCurve 4104gl. 3 modules are installed. 1 module has 100/1000 copper ports(quantity 6). 1 module contains 12 MXTJ 100mb fiber connections, and lastly 1 module that contains 3 1000mb fiber transceivers.
    I need to have 2 HP Procurve 2824's connect to the 1000mb transceivers and 2 HP Procurve 2124's connect to the 100mb MXTJ fiber.

    In one of the 2824's I need to build VLANS. One VLAN will be the default VLAN, a 2nd VLAN will have 5 ports to connect Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC racks to one another. A 3rd VLAN will also have 5 ports to connect Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC's.
    One port of the 2nd VLAN and 3rd VLAN will have to also be able to look at the default VLAN. I believe this can be accomplished within the 2824 as it is a layer 3 switch, just not sure how that exactly that woud work.

    I believe this would get me going up and running. I can look at added trunked ports and connect them to another VLAN on the other 2824 at another time.

    Thank you


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    Re: HP ProCurve

    Could you clarify the question a bit? Do you want help with the specific commands that you use to edit VLANs or do you want VLAN design suggestions? Or... something else?
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      Re: HP ProCurve

      Creating VLAN's is easy on the ProCurve switches, well it is on ours anyway.

      We connect to the web interface for that. You can of course use the CLI if needed, and we have i the past.

      You probably already have these but then again maybe not.

      Best place to start are the HP manuals. Pretty comprehensive.