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Nortel router SSH timeout issue

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  • Nortel router SSH timeout issue

    Hey folks,

    Before I bite the bullet and call Nortel to pay for their support ($600/hr.), I was hoping someone might know how to fix this issue. We added an additional T1 line for out business, so we had to switch to a Nortel SR1004 router. Ever since we made the change, we can no longer perform our offsite backups using SSH. The connection seems to timeout after literally 5 minutes. Verizon isn't very helpful, and states that everything should be okay with the preconfigured router. Since Nortel is a new animal to me, I'm at a loss.

    Thanks for reading - any suggestions are appreciated in advance!

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    Re: Nortel router SSH timeout issue

    I would say that the router needs to have the TCP timeout increased to stop this happening.

    We use SonicWALL appliances and our users would use telnet across the VPN and drop out after 5 mins. After i added a new firewall rule and increased the timeout sessions all was ok.

    Just an idea that you can look into.