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Using 2 Static IP's w/ 2 NICs in Win 7 & FreeNAS

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  • Using 2 Static IP's w/ 2 NICs in Win 7 & FreeNAS

    I have what probably is a pretty simple question for someone that knows a bit more than I do about networking.

    What I want to do is use the 2nd Gigabit NIC on my Win 7 64Bit box as one end of a static route to a 2nd NIC in my FreeNAS box being the other end. This way I can have a separate dedicated route between those two systems. Currently I have it set-up by routing through my HP Gigabit switch which is fine for the time being. I can experiment with the tuning between the two machines with that static route to achieve optimum throughput.

    My question is in regards to the gateway and DNS entries (if needed even)

    The LAN NIC in both the Win 7 box and the FreeNAS box as well as my other machines and printers use the 192.168.0.x subnet (.0.1 being the Mikrotik RouterOS)

    For the static route, I set the FreeNAS OPT1 NIC to (.0.100 is the LAN NIC) and did not enter anything yet for the Gateway. The Win 7 machine's 2nd NIC is (0.200 is the LAN or NIC 1) - so both machines are using a different subnet. Now...should I enter anything in the Windows or FreeNAS box for a Gateaway? DNS I assume would not matter since I am using IP directly.


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    Re: Using 2 Static IP's w/ 2 NICs in Win 7 & FreeNAS

    No need to enter a gateway on the second NIC, in fact you will almost certainly break something if you do. Any TCP/IP device will get confused it if has multiple default gateways. DNS also won't matter if you use the IP address, or you could just add the name of the NAS to a hosts file on the Windows 7 machine so the name is local only.
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