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Port forwarding with 2 routers

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  • Port forwarding with 2 routers


    i got 2 routers siemens and dlink that are connected via this way:

    WAN-------|siemens|-------|dlink|-------(My server)

    I forwarded port 3389 from |siemens| to |dlink| and from dlink to (My server):

    1) port 3389 to address (the adress of the dlink that was given by siemens DHCP)

    2) port 3389 to (the adress of my server that was given by dlink DHCP)

    Both of the ip addresses are static and where reserved by the DHCP of each router.

    When i am trying to connet with RDP to my external ip it gives me an error!
    it worked well with onley 1 router

    Please Help!!!

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    Re: Port forwarding with 2 routers

    WAN (Internet)

    External IP: 69.x.x.x
    Internal IP:
    Port foward to External IP of Dlink

    LAN 1

    External IP:
    Internal IP:
    Port forward to server

    LAN 2

    Server IP:

    Be sure to port foward to the proper IP addresses, in your case, this will be from the Siemens to the External IP of Dlink, and from the Dlink to your server. You should statically setup the IP address as they tend to change using DHCP.