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2 routers on same vlan

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  • 2 routers on same vlan

    Hi Experts
    Hope I can get some advice here. I am in a situation where our company A has taken over another company B. I have been tasked to migrate the network to ours. However this is going to be a gradual process.
    Current setup of Comapny B is that they have a managed C&W router at the location, connected to two separate switches, divided into two VLANs. Vlan1 and Vlan2. we don't want to touch Vlan1 yet. On Vlan2 some PCs need migrating and some don't. We cant do any config on these switches as we currently don't have access to them.
    My plan is to put in a new wan router/gateway connecting into Vlan2, a port is available on the switch. Disabling dhcp, and adding static TCP/IP on the PCs.
    Question is does this work, can we have two routers/gateways on the same Vlan.
    also can we use same subnet on this second router, or will we have to use a different subnet. Communication between the old and the new is not required.
    Thanks in advance