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Home Networking design help.

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  • Home Networking design help.


    i have decided to upgrade my house and was going to add some more connectivity to it along with some security.

    i made this diagram - "my_house_setup.PNG"

    from the diagram what would you suggest ? would this work ?

    what sort of ip cameras would you recomend, they have to be wired and mics would be nice.

    what sort of switches would you recomened ?

    what server would it be, i know it would have to be gigabyte nic on the server, what storage would be best.

    the budget is near unlimited.

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    Re: Home Networking design help.

    Originally posted by ajw901 View Post
    the budget is near unlimited. Ajw901
    In such a case, just hire a network engineer.



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      Re: Home Networking design help.

      I'm curious what your goal is... and if I see this, how huge your house is
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        Re: Home Networking design help.

        You are sure you want IP Cameras? You may replace them with analog cameras and a DVR box. In my opinion, IP Cameras are to expensive for image quality they offer.
        Switch can be a cheap one, maybe with some/all gigabit ports, without management (you can check the linksys offer for this area)
        Server - a server to do what? If you need a central storage point you may look for a NAS (Network Attached Storage).
        I think that you should said to us what are you primary goals in this upgrade