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  • networking issue

    Hi Gang. I'm new to this forum and hopefully will be able to get some technical answers as well as share my experiences.

    My issue seems extremely basic, I don't know what I'm missing...

    My client is running Windows Vista on his laptop. He has a Netgear router model WGR614 v8. When I view his wireless connections, there are six secured and three unsecured, but his router doesn't show up. I plugged in an ethernet cord and tried to set it up (he has no disc) however, when I open Internet Explorer and type , I get a neighbor's Linksys router. I've gone to Netgear's website and downloaded their firmware. I've turned off Windows firewall....What am I missing???

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    Re: networking issue

    Go to network connections and disable the wireless connection.

    Plug back in the ethernet cable and navigate to (you had 192.162. btw..i assume was a typo).

    Check network connections(local area network connection) to make sure you are connected to the router via ethernet, try a ipconfig.

    If you can connect like that then make sure the SSID is set and broadcasting, are you sure that his router is not showing in available wifi networks, maybe he doesn't recognise the SSID?

    If sounds like either he or you have connected to his neighbours unsecured wireless and hence created a profile to do so and hence will auto connect that is why you are brining up their config setting as you are actually connected to them.

    Go to "manage wireless networks" in vista network and sharing and see if any wireless connection profile are set up if so delete them.
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      Re: networking issue

      Originally posted by asucimim
      I plugged in an ethernet cord and tried to set it up (he has no disc) however, when I open Internet Explorer and type , I get a neighbor's Linksys router.
      Turn off YOUR Wireless Adaptor when you do the above.

      Go back to Netgear, download the manual and reset back to Factory Defaults. His Netgear settings may have been changed by one of the neighbours either intentionally or unintentionally. By going back to Factory Defaults you get to reset it up again. Make sure you use WPA2 and a real good encryption key.
      Creating one here is a good idea. Copy & Paste to a USB key/pen drive because there is no way to remember 63 random charactors. Also make sure you select a wireless channel that provides the least amount of clashing with your channel. Remember that there are only 3 Channels that do not overlap. Channel 1, 6 & 11. Once configured, turn off SSID.
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        Re: networking issue

        Reset his router back to factory defaults, you can usually hold the reset button for about 10 seconds at the rear of the router to achieve this.

        Find out the default IP for the router from the manufacturer's website, if it's something like, then manually set your "Wired" connection on the laptop to with a subnet mask of, you can leave the gateway blank.

        You should see a connection made if you did it right, or try an ping, or try and type that into a browser to try an connect using the default login for the router. Usually admin/admin or admin/"blank".

        There you can configure everything you need to on the router.