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Dual Homing for redundancy

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  • Dual Homing for redundancy

    Is there any performance issues when using two separate subnets (& switches) connected to a series of dual nic computers in a redundant role? If one of the links fails what is the delay in communications through the other link, is it decernable?

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    Re: Dual Homing for redundancy

    Well first off, configuring NIC's for high availability and failover doesn't usually include connecting them to different subnets. Why are you doing that? It's likely to get messy with routing, DNS, etc.


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      Re: Dual Homing for redundancy

      Thanks for the response, I have a customer that has an older dual network implementation using dual NICS connected to two separate networks...they use hosts files to resolve names. This has been working for them since '02 and now they are looking a moving to a propriatary industrial fault tolerant solution using two IP's on a dual NIC connected to a single subnet. I wanted to understand the Microsoft implementation of dual homing and any issues such as netbios order to justify a better solution.
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        Re: Dual Homing for redundancy

        Aren't you looking for teaming of the nics?
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