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External access to websites lost

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  • External access to websites lost

    We have an intermittent problem where external access to websites hosted on one of our servers (Windows Server 2003) is being lost.

    Thoughts and observations so far:

    1. Gateway

    I can consistently connect to our network through VPN using the same gateway.

    SMTP traffic is successfully sent and received through the same gateway, and forwarded correctly.

    2. Internal access

    Websites can always be accessed from within our LAN, so it would seem IIS is serving the sites properly.

    2. Potential VPN configuration clash

    This server was configured as a VPN server just before Christmas. A second network interface was added. I thought that perhaps the existing network interface, to which http traffic is directed, was being isolated from Internet-based traffic as a security measure. However, I would have thought that, if so, the problem would be a consistent one, not intermittent.

    HTTP traffic is still configured to be forwarded to the IP address of the original network interface.

    3. Event logs

    There's nothing obvious in the Event Logs that suggests a problem.

    4. Services

    Lists of running services (created using 'net start') when external HTTP access is working and not working are exactly the same, so there's no evidence of a service stopping that would cause this problem. However, just because a service is identified as having started, I suppose it doesn't necessarily mean it's running properly.

    5. Re-establishing Internet-based HTTP access

    Rebooting the server seems to fix it.

    Restarting IIS on on the server doesn't.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might pursue this further?

    With thanks.