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    Hi all,

    Can someone explain to me if having QOS at some locations and not others is a benefit of any kind?

    I was told that we have QOS at two of our five locations only, and without it at our core VOIP system location. Am I wrong when I say your only as strong as your weakest link? I mean to have QOS at 2 or the five locations doesn't make sense to me when viewing it for overall performance.

    Basically, we have a core VOIP system say at site A, then we have VPN routers at all other locations who VPN in for phone service. Out of all the other locations, 2 of those supposedly have QOS. I thought when you have QOS or MPLS type service it was between to connecting site with data packets being routed to through that ISP's network frame. It doesn't make sense to me if you have QOS on one side, and no QOS on the other. Am I missing something here?

    Please enlighten me...

    TIA guys!