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VRF routing

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  • VRF routing

    First of all, I work at a school and budget cuts have put me in the position to configure equipment on my own as there is no money to pay a consultant. My goal is to be able to configure my core switch, a Cisco 6509-E with a SUP720, and establish VRFs for each of my sites, hopefully eliminating the edge routers at the sites. I have ethernet connections from the site to the core. I prefer that my sites are able to route traffic between each other and to the data center. I have several reasons to separate by VRF:

    1) logistically separating the sites by IP ranges makes for simpler management
    2) we plan to implement more content filters, possibly one for each site, so I need to be able to specify a different default gateway at each site (VRF)
    3) the current site (CE) routing engine is running on a L3 switch that can't sustain the PPS that we carry on the network. Eliminating that edge router and bringing it virtually into the 6509 via VRF should boost performance significantly.

    so let's assume the following:
    ip vrf Site1
    rd: 10:1
    route-target export 10:1
    route-target import 10:1

    interface GigabitEthernet1/1
    switchport access vlan 10
    switchport mode access
    no ip address

    interface VLAN 1
    description "Data Center"
    ip address

    interface VLAN 10
    description "Site 1"
    ip vrf forwarding Site1
    ip address
    What i don't understand is what is required to route the traffic from Site1 to servers at on VLAN1. From GoogleBox it sounds like I need to learn a bit about BGP, but my understanding of BGP is weak on a good day. I think I can figure out the rest if I can get as much help as routing from Site1 to VLAN 1.

    If possible, I'd prefer to use static routes as the network topology is directly managed by my department (and my simple mind understands static routes).

    Thanks for your consideration and help. I can only pay in cookies.
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    Re: VRF routing

    Maybe my fingers are tired to write a lot on this topic but here's the link which can give some answers to your questions. You may need VRF-lite and some additional configuration to your device (e.g. ip vrf route) - the following example will give you hints.
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