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  • Requests to go online

    Being still able to use a USB connected modem for Broadband, I dislike being online until actually needed. But I keep getting the box popup asking me to go online. In fact I find it difficult to exit Word unless I am online.
    This does not happen on a much older PC, if I use the same Speedtouch modem and also Win XP

    I doubt it is due to any virus, as I have the paid for version of Avast installed, and often remove all unwanted cookies.

    Any suggestions as to how I might hunt for what is activating the popup box to go online?


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    Re: Requests to go online

    If this is mainly caused by office applications you probably have office set to use the online database for help. this will cause your PC to constantly look for an internet connection.

    Not knowing what version of Office you have installed - I will point you in the right direction for Office 2003 and office 2007.

    In Office 2007 click the ? Help button. At the bottom right of the window which pops up is a button which controls whether you use offline or online for help.

    In Office 2003 - open the tools menu - click options - go to general tab - click service options button at bottom of screen and un-check the online options on that page.

    Hope this helps you out...
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      Re: Requests to go online

      Thanks very much. You did not quote which of the 2007 software to use Tools, but I tried Word and Front Page seems to have been altered now also. Actually I also found it much easier to change the Connection options hidden in Internet Explorer to Never dial a connection.

      If I might pick your brain or someone else on another online problem. If any care to visit and keep any eye at times on the many amusing contributions I get from friends, you will notice many are in the form of MHT files. This is because I find it easier to save / rename emails containing graphics as MHT, rather than involving extra folders as HTM / L, such as complicating storing contributions. However though I can never quite see the point of people using alternative browsers to IE, I know a few who claim they are unable to view MHT files if using Firefox without modifications. Also attempting to download copies of MHT using File / Save often fails to include images.

      You will see from the HELP on the opening menu, I developed a simple program that should allow anyone to download any file, along with instructions to use Word to save the contents as a HTM file. Can anyone suggest an alternative way for visitors using alternative browsers such as Firefox to view and download copies of contributions?