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Cant ping my domain again!!!

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  • Cant ping my domain again!!!

    hello all, I am setting up exhange server 2003. I have a domain registered which was working OK. I recently setup my A record and my MX record and its been working fine since then. I notice that after I configured my domain's A and MX records I can no longer ping my domain name e.g. Is there something that I have left out?- when i did a ping lookup on my domain name, it came up with "bad destination"- Do i need to use my external static IP as my DNS on the domain CPANEL.The strange thing to me is that I can ping my MX record e.g mail.mydomain.comQuick help needed. Thanks.deepsee

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    Re: Cant ping my domain again!!!

    It seems like your issue is with DNS, not necessarily with pinging. I take it the DNS records you have adjusted have been adjusted on the DNS server for the provider that is hosting the external domain ( This will tell all the external servers on the net where to find your server. You will need to have a static IP address that your ISP has provided and enter that IP address into the configuration page on your domain name providers DNS server settings. In order for email to be received from external senders you only need the MX record. You will only need an A record if you want to implement something like OMA / OWA (something like You then need to make sure your router is passing all the (relevant) traffic to your exchange server, if applicable (you may have a two-homed network and SBS/ISA or firewall appliance).

    My guess is you have done all that and your DNS lookup is now responding with the external IP address of your router. Sending a ping request to the IP address on of external port of your router via the internal port will quite often not produce a reply because the router will send the reply out to the external interface and the reply will get dropped by your ISP because its destination is most probably on a private network address (10.x.x.x 172.16.x.x or 192.168.x.x), and not NAT'd. What happens if you ping the address by IP number instead of DNS name?

    To finish off a typical DNS setup like this you would probably need to create another zone on your own internal DNS servers (domain.local) for the external domain name ( and point the A records to the internal IP addresses for the server hosting those domains (mail. www. etc.). You won't need an MX record on your internal DNS server for your external domain.



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      Re: Cant ping my domain again!!!

      Thanks ksdavis for the quick response.1. Do you mean that I have to use the extenal IP given to me by my ISP as the DNS for my domain name on the cpanel?2. When I do dns lookup i get the message; sorry, but no IP found for domain 3. I did a ping from another internet connection and the domain name timed-out through out.4. what would be the advantage of creating another zone on my own internal DNS servers.ThanksDeepsee


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        Re: Cant ping my domain again!!!

        1. The IP address given to you by your ISP is the address to which all other servers must send their email so it lands up on your server. Their servers will do a DNS lookup for the MX record of your domain so that needs to resolve to the address given by your ISP. The place to set that is on the control panel for where your domain name is being hosted (I use for example). Your router must also be configured to do some sort of routing / IP address translation so it passes the data to the IP address of your internal server.
        2. When you run nslookup it will tell you which DNS server is providing the reply. If the DNS server is your internal one then you need to have forwarders set up so it can pass all requests for domains not configured on your server, to the DNS server at your ISP. The alternative is to set up a DNS zone on your internal DNS server to point to your internal IP address - see point 4.
        3. What IP address did the external ping use? Is it the correct IP address as given by your ISP? If so then your router (or whatever device is connected to your ISP's line) is probably configured to not reply to pings. Check out your router settings - sometimes the ping setting is referred to as echo request or ICMP.
        4. Lets say you have domain.local and domain.local is set up on your internal DNS server and serves your internal domain. Lets also say you want to be able to use webmail interface on your internal server and you have set it up to use a certificate for If you don't set up a zone on your internal DNS server then any request to resolve will pass the request to your ISP and you will get the address of the external interface of your router (as you have set up in point 1). Requests passed to that address from within the LAN will not route correctly and the page will fail to load. If you set up a DNS zone on your internal server for and add a webmail A record then you can give it the IP address of your internal server, and the page will load correctly. If you do this, make sure you replicate all A records and configure the correct address for access from within the LAN - for instance you may have a third party host the www site so you would need to give the external internet IP address as provided by the www hosting company, not any internal IP addresses, and if you don't set up the A record at all, you will get an "Unknown can't find - non-existant domain" error.


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          Re: Cant ping my domain again!!!

          Moved to general networking because it has nothing to with Exchange.

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