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Text to landline Phones

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  • Text to landline Phones

    My son claims it is possible to sent Text Messages to a landline phone, the same way as Mobiles. He claims though you cannot read the text with no LSD screen, BT uses a system similar to Windows Narrator to speak the message. He is most disappointed my phone failed to speak a message he sent.

    Anyone heard of such for landline phones, if so do you need a special phone, or do you have to pay BT even more for the service.

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    Re: Text to landline Phones

    I've heard of it and had text messages read to me. It's very surreal. It was a BT line and I'm pretty sure there was nothing special about, I don't recall ever being given an option for anything like this and it wasn't any kind of fancy phone.
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      Re: Text to landline Phones

      Thanks. Perhaps it does not like my 20+ year old phone.

      I did get a warning message I could stop being pestered by such calls and was allowed to delete it like an ordinary sound message except I could not hear the message.


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        Re: Text to landline Phones

        I like the idea of an LSD screen

        Look here for more info:,350,993
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          Re: Text to landline Phones

          Thanks but still a bit baffling as to why I could not hear anything.


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            Re: Text to landline Phones

            Yeah, Virgin also offers this nice but useless feature. The only good thing about it is that my handset allows me to send SMS as well as SIM card reader.. and I am not on LSD either.. what time is it???
            What are they trying to do?? unify landlines and mobiles .... and other stuff.

            wow my phone is better that yours

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              Re: Text to landline Phones

              I sent one of these crazy text messages to my landline phone as a test. I must admit I did not listen carefully to the announcement when I was able to press 1571 ( UK ) to try to hear the speaking of the message the first time. I thought it was telling me to phone a number to stop being pestered by such messages, but in fact it tells me to phone a number to be able to hear them at all. However I am wary of giving BT the chance to charge me yet more over and above the charge for the 1571 service, or of the facilities upsetting my already rather fragile Broadband.

              Also when I switched on my Virgin connected mobile ( a rare event for me ) I was asked to phone a number then enter a username. As usual with these nerd instructions, it did not explain why, but I dutifully obliged.

              Of course if the nerds who dream up these daft ideas had any sense, they would arrange for the service to actually dial a number the usual way, then when answered announce it about to speak a message, before doing so. Just leaving it locked in among answer phone messages could result in someone not hearing it for weeks if they do not use phone.