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Advice on VPN's Routing and L3 Switch Setup

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  • Advice on VPN's Routing and L3 Switch Setup

    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to set up my company's new building and I'm using the zero comms time as an oportunity to try to optimise our LAN structure. I've never had to do this before without a senior staff member pointing me in the right direction. I'm now the senior staff member so I need to get my routing and Networking skills up to speed. If I could get some advice on whether or not the following would be the best way to achieve a clean optimised LAN then I would really appreciate it.

    I have been given a Class B subnet to use in my LAN and would like to break this down into multiple vlans each using a class c subnet. This is so that I can reduce the amount of broadcast traffic traveling between each subnet while still providing all staff with access to the network.

    I have a stack of 6 x Dell PC6248 L3 switches with a 10gb backbone that will be the main point for all comms. This in turn is connected via lacp to a Dell PC6224 L3 switch that I'll be using mostly as a router.

    My intention is to create all my vlans on the stack, use intra vlan routing to grant all vlans access to the others. One of the vlans will be connected to the same vlan on the PC6224 which will have a default route of the firewall.

    If I've done my sum's right. Each vlaned subnet should have access to the firewall by routing through to the PC6224 and then onto the firewall.

    Incomming traffic should come in via the firewall to my PC6224 and be routed to the correct vlan via a manually created route pointing at the stack ip.

    In a few months time I'll also have a direct WAN link to another office, this will be coming into the PC6224 via a Trunk Port so that I can access the vlans at the remote office and vice versa.

    As a final note, my firewall and router are managed by an external company so making changes to these is time consuming and a pain.

    I've put together a quick diagram of how I plan to do the current structure (find attached).

    If what I plan is the right way to do it then please let me know, also if anyone has any advice on how I could improve this setup further, then I'd love to hear your advice...

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