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  • Subnet confusion...

    I'm a new network admin, trying to understand how the previous net admin configured this router and firewall, so please bear with me!

    We own public IPs ranging from X.X.X.1-30. On our router, the IP is configured as X.X.X.1/27. It includes static routes to our private class C subnets, but it also includes a static route to public IP X.X.X.16/28 (which I don't understand). To continue, the router is plugged directly into our firewall, which is configured to have an IP of X.X.X.2/30 on the outside interface and also an IP of X.X.X.17/28 on the DMZ interface.

    Now, everything talks to each other and everything is working just fine, I'm just curious about how and why it's setup this way. I've been trying to wrap my brain around this and how they're able to talk to each other but I need a little help. I stumbled across CIDR and I think this is what's going on, but if anyone could clear it up a little bit more I would really appreciate it. Thank you!