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Bridging 2 SBS Servers

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  • Bridging 2 SBS Servers

    Hi all

    Bit of background:

    ClientA, based on a business park (managed network), has 1 VLAN, SBS Server. All good.

    ClientA then starts up a new company, closely related to what their original company does. They ask if they can use their exisiting server with the requirements that are not possible with using 1 SBS Server. (Easily switching between the 2 domains for email/signatures being the main cause) so I said if everything was to be kept seperate, this would be the best way to do it:

    Create a seperate VLAN assigned to a bunch of ports, have a second SBS Server and seperate PC's for the new company. The users can then switch between company's by use of a KVM switch on their desk.

    Now, there is an expensive piece of software they have bought which is a SQL server-client set up. This is not a problem but they now also want to pull data sources from the other (original) SBS Server too.

    Had a quick chat with their technical team and they said all that would be required is for the 2 SBS Servers able to to communicate via IP...problem there being of course they are 2 VLAN's and right now unsure of if we are going to be allowed to route between the 2 (depends on the business park policy).

    For now lets assume we cannot.

    Is there any great problem you can see by installing a second NIC into each server, putting them onto their own network and connecting via a crossover cable?