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  • Sanning to an FTP site


    I am new on the forums here (so please be kind ). I hope this is correct place to post this question.

    Ok, I have a Sharp AR-M13 scanner/photocopier that is connected to our LAN network. It currently is set up to scan (via FTP) to a public directory on our file server. I have been tasked with trying to get it to also scan to another, separate directory on the same server. (currently using the default port 21)

    Currently what I have done:

    I went into the FTP section of IIS (I am running server 2008.) and there was the old public ftp site which is working great. However, when I set up a new site using the same IP (which has to be done surely as the server has a static IP address) it will not start as you cant run two FTP sites with the same IP and same port at the same time! I can change the port number on the new FTP site which enables it to run but then the options page of my Sharp scanner will only allow me to direct FTP scans through one port

    I am at a complete loss! I must be missing something and I know there are prople that are far more intelligent than me who are patrolling these boards so please, can anyone help me. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way of sending a file to two separate shares with the same IP ...there must be as the option exists to add more than one FTP directory on the sharp scanner

    (Oh just to clarify the Sharp manual is competely useless in this regard!) ...typical!

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Kind Regards


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    Re: Sanning to an FTP site

    Wow I officially a noob!

    Ok I just managed to fix it. It may not be the most elegant way but it seems to work!

    I set up a second unused static IP address on the same network adaptor, then configured the new FTP site to use this one, along with prot 21

    Bingo, My public scans travel nicely into the public shares folder and the managers scans nicely direct themselves to the managers shared folder


    Thanks to all the viewed my post and sorry I didnt hold off for about 20 minutes more before posting!

    Thanks again



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      Re: Sanning to an FTP site

      Originally posted by gingerbeast121
      Thanks to all the viewed my post and sorry I didnt hold off for about 20 minutes more before posting!
      WRONG!! You did the right thing by posting and there are two reasons for this.
      1. By posting it made you think about what you were trying to do so it may have resulted in providing clues to your solution.
      2. By posting and then posting back with your solution you will have helped other who have a similar problem in the future.

      So, congratulations on solving your problem and doing it very quickly and THANK YOU for posting back and sharing the answer with other members. Your Community Spirit is greatly appreciated.
      Hope you become a Forum regular.
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        Re: Sanning to an FTP site

        Thank you very much,

        You can rest assured I will be back