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Seperate Networks

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  • Seperate Networks

    Hi guys,

    Long time no speak...

    I setup two wireless networks, one for guests, and one for in-house reps. Now these wireless networks are not commercial type routers, but just over the counter routers we bought from a local store. There are four radios that make up the two networks, we'll call them "Alpha" and "Bravo."

    wireless Alpha network
    routerA-----------ethernet----------routerB ))))
    DHCP enabled_____________________Disabled

    wireless Bravo network
    routerA-----------ethernet----------routerB ))))
    DHCP enabled____________________Disabled

    Wired Corporate network
    172.10.10.x subnet

    The only thing these two wireless networks basically provide is access to the internet. How can I allow access to the internet but keep my "Wired Corp Net" non-accessible to users that access these two wireless networks?

    I confirmed I was able to access a shared folder on my "wired corp net" by \\ipaddress then providing my user credentials domain\user then pass. I don't want the users having access to this at all.

    Is this possible to achieve?

    Thanks in advance guys!
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    Re: Seperate Networks

    add interfaces on the gateway that correlate to and
    ensure that can only route to the internet, and not back onto the corporate lan.

    change the gw on each of the wireless routers to be the new gateway.

    or - depending on what your gateway device is, setup an ACL preventing traffic from going from & t0

    (PS - your LAN network is not part of the public range ( - iirc)
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      Re: Seperate Networks

      Thank you for that Camel I appreciate it.

      The LAN network is part of the public range I just used that range for security purposes. 172.31.x.x

      Thanks again!


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        Re: Seperate Networks

        Nice to see you. I was worried that maybe "The Weasel" had weaseled you out of a job. Hope you're getting the hang of VLANs as that was the first thing that went through my head when reading your post.
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          Re: Seperate Networks

          If you are interested in implementing a captive portal solution for your guest network look into Zeroshell. It's a linux based router that runs of a liveCD.