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  • VPN to connect network share


    Our office infrastructure comprises the following:

    Domain Controller DC 1 – Win 2003 std
    • Global Catalog
    • AD, DNS and DHCP

    For redundancy we have setup another Domain Controller as follows:
    Domain Controller DC 2 working as a Replication partner– Win 2003 on Dell Hardware
    • Global Catalog
    • AD and DNS

    File Servers – 3x Windows 2000 Server

    Firewall – Sonicwall Pro 2040

    There are total 50 users comprising of desktops and laptops.

    In the beginning of this year our company has been acquired by a large company.

    We have been accommodated in the new premises of the parent company with entirely separate network and Internet connectivity.

    Being separate network, there are few users from our Accounts department and HR who needs to access the parent company SAP systems for Accounting and HR jobs. For this purpose they have been given separate desktops that are connecting to parent companies network and the users have been given separate User IDs for login in to their AD.

    This has been done, as the Management at this moment does not want to merge the networks.

    Everything is working fine but we want to explore the following:
    • If it is possible from parent companies desktop to connect to our File Servers through VPN

    • Map the network drive

    If this can be done, then we can get rid of one desktop on each of these users desk that has been cluttering. They will use the parent companies desktop for both SAP, Internet and our File Share through VPN.

    I have no experience in setting up VPN and thus require guidance in this regard.

    I have googled and found few good documents to start with.

    The above documents details a way to setup a SonicWalls own VPN client and should be fine.

    My additional queries are follows:
    • When a client connects through VPN on to the SonicWall, how will they log in to the Domain Controller.

    • How will they get dynamic IP from the DHCP Server which is my Domain Controller.

    If somehow I can make the client connect to the DC and get validated then I hope the login scripts will run to map the network drive or worse case map them manually.

    Kindly show me the direction.

    Many thanks.


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    Re: VPN to connect network share

    Do both sides have a Sonciwall appliance??? Doesn't matter if they don't though.

    What i would do in this situation is setup a VPN tunnel from your office to the remote office and ensure you have connectivity.

    Once this is done create a trust between the domains. In your case i would create a two way tust between your domain and the other domain.

    To answer your more specific questions

    1. They won't be logging onto your domain. They should be logging onto their own domain which your domain trusts.

    2. They won't be getting a DHCP address from your netowrk. It should be on their own.
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      Re: VPN to connect network share

      Hi Wullieb1
      Thanks for your reply.

      Trusting between domains had been ruled out by our parent company.

      What we want to achieve is the following:

      a)Few Accounts and HR user will log into a desktop of the parent company and their domain. ie parent.local
      b)Normally they will work on SAP system of the parent company
      c)However, once in a while they will have to access our File Server which is on our domain ie our.local
      d)Thus these users will have to VPN from parent companies network into our network and access our File Server.

      Reading through the Internet and other forum posting, I understanding that I would have to do the following:
      • Setup a Win 2003 VPN Server with RRAS. ( I have a spare old Dell Server with 2 NICs which can be made use if this will work).

      • Configure our SoniwallPro2040 to allow VPN Users access the Win 2003 VPN Server.

      I have no experience in setting up VPN Server and also not sure if this will work.

      I have also heard that SonicWall will block if two VPN connection originates from the same public IP( This is due to the HR & accounts desktop trying to VPN from the parent companies network and they will have a unique public IP)

      Please give your suggestion.

      A sample network diagram is attached for convenience.

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