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    we are having problems with our network.
    The setup is as follows:
    Microsoft 2003 DC's, IAS, CA, DHCP.
    Cisco Core switch 6500, access switch 35xx, redundant paths to core switch.

    We implemented dynamic vlans on our swithces, clients.
    The problem is, that users who can access our network with VPN (Checkpoint) succssefully authenticate against the radius server (IAS), then they remote desktop to their company computer (which is inhouse, computer online, authenticated user). As the user finishes his work, he disconnects from the network via VPN.

    In the same moment, the company computer loses the network, and does not re-authenticate. So the event logs are full of errors that domain is unavailable, dhcp gets the 169.x.x.x. IP, w32time does not get set, etc..

    If the user after finishing with remote desktop does a logoff on the company computer, than the computer does the authentication fine (EAPOL message gets send).

    My question is, can a user be a member of two different dynamic vlans?

    thanks for the answers.