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Choppy Web Video Troubleshooting

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  • Choppy Web Video Troubleshooting

    Hello everyone.

    I am having trouble with choppy web streaming (for only one site as far as we know) on our production network. The videos are from and the streaming site in question is from My organization is using a managed network service so I do not have access to any of the networking devices. I would like to make sure that I have all of my ducks in a row before escalating as I believe that it is a network issue.

    Here is a timeline of when the problem started and basic troubleshooting steps taken:

    1. Two weeks ago, network devices were moved to a new location - as far as we know, there where no problems with web streaming for the site.

    2. After the network device move, one user complained of choppy web streaming for the one web site. Service Desk personnel confirmed the choppiness on their production PCs and I confirmed the same.

    3. Basic troubleshooting steps taken are remove proxy, reboot, clear cache/cookies/temp files, update flash, downgrade flash, and update media player.

    4. We have a test network that uses the same gateway as our production network. I confirmed that the streaming issue does not occur on a PC in that segment.

    5. I created a VM with a fresh, untampered install of XP using bridged networking on my production PC but still experienced the same issue.

    6. I ran a pathping from my production client, production VM, and test PC (in test network) to the site's URL. I observed 53% packet loss on the production client and production VM but did not see any on the test PC.

    7. I tried capturing packets with Wireshark on both the production client and test PC client. Unfortunately, I am not an advanced Wireshark user and I could not find any glaring differences.

    At this point, I am not sure as to what else I could check. I would appreciate any advice that you can offer. I have attached screenshots of my pathping results for those interested.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Choppy Web Video Troubleshooting

    Based on what you've already checked, it sounds to me like you already have enough data to escalate the service call - particularly if you're observing such a high % of lost packets.
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      Re: Choppy Web Video Troubleshooting

      Thanks for your help! I put in the service request today - if I find out what the problem is, I will make sure to share it with everyone! It is just kind of strange that it only does it for one site....

      Thanks again.