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No Internet After Installing New Switch

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  • No Internet After Installing New Switch

    As the title suggests I installed a new Gigabit Switch yesterday ( Netgear GS608 ) and now my internet has died.

    I used to have 4 PC's & a NAS connected to a Lynksys WRT54GL DSL Router. I turned the router off, unplugged all the cables from the router & plugged them into the switch. I then plugged a cable from port 1 on the switch into port 1 on the router & turned the router & switch back on.

    I tried the internet & it worked fine first time. 10 mins later I noticed that it wasnít working. I donít use DHCP & have all my IP's manually set on each PC in the form of 192.168.1.x

    I checked the IP address on the router & it was as it was before so I released it & renewed it & I got an IP of

    My internal network connectivity is working fine but I can no longer access the internet on a any PC. Iíve rebooted the router & switch & just tried one PC connected. I also triued to revery back to the original config & totally removed the switch. So I was left with just one PC connected to the DSL router but nothing.

    Any suggestions what to try next?

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    Re: No Internet After Installing New Switch

    Issue resolved - I had damaged the DSL cable whilst installing the NAS in another room.


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      Re: No Internet After Installing New Switch

      Thanks for posting back with the solution to your problem (and I see you got it sorted pretty quickly, well done! ). It is greatly appreciated and am glad you are back up and running.
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