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Configuring a sonicwall VPN

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  • Configuring a sonicwall VPN

    Hi all,

    I'm having problems configuring this piece of... *hardware*...
    Since this is the first time I need to configure a VPN, ever, I don't really know a lot about VPN and that's why I'm having so much problems I think.

    It's all starting with the wiring...
    Atm I wired the vpn router to the speedtouch modem/router, disabled the DHCP of the speedtouch, wired the DHCP/exchange server also to the speedtouch router/modem.
    I guess that's not really how I should use this sonicwall vpn, but it seemed to be the only way at the time to get the exchange server online...

    In my mind I can see a straight line: "cloud of the internet - first router of dmz - sonicwall - DHCP/exchange server" This wiring seems more correct to me but I can't get it to work...
    Could somebody please explain to me how I should correctly wire the thing and which ports I should open in order to get it properly working?

    Thanks guys

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    Re: Configuring a sonicwall VPN

    All we know so far is that you have:
    a Speedtouch modem/router,
    Sonicwall VPN,
    Exchange Server that was/is (?) getting a Dynamic IP from the Speedtouch.

    I think we are going to need quite a few more details about your network setup, where you are connecting the VPN to (and from) and a nice diagram of the setup. Thanks.
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      Re: Configuring a sonicwall VPN

      Right now, the vpn is connected to a router... that's about it...
      The server to which I need a vpn connection to is also connected to the same router.
      My first guess is that I need to connect the router to the vpn and the server to another port of the vpn, but when I do that, the connection is lost to the exchange server so I might have to make some changes here and there, but don't really know which ports to open on what device...
      Sof far I've opened 1701,1723, 500, 4500, 50, 51, 80, 25, 110, 143 all UDP/TCP (maybe some others, but not relevant ones to this problem)


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        Re: Configuring a sonicwall VPN

        Since a VPN exists to connect two sites securely, we need to know about the other end too.
        However, I would expect the sonicwall (if it is being used ONLY for VPNs and not to provide firewalling also) to exist alongside the Exchange box, with the router providing firewalling. Somthing like this:

        Internet cloud
        Router (Speedtouch) -------Exchange Box (Port 25 for SMTP, maybe other ports e.g. for OWA)
        Sonicwall (for VPNs)
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          Re: Configuring a sonicwall VPN

          I have (or should have) the current config:

          VPN Clients
          Cloud of the internet
          Speedtouch Modem -------- server (AD, DHCP, DNS, Web, Exchange, Fileserver, aso... )
          Sonicwall VPN

          So If I understand correctly, this could be a correct setup?

          The biggest problem for now is that I cannot ping the WAN IP adress of this location, which seems crucial to me to connect to anything (although I could be wrong)
          The VPN is needed to access the AD, fileserver and such remotely. Exchange can be reached without VPN (in other words, that was the original setup)

          If this is really the right setup, which ports should I open on respectively the speedtouch modem/router and the Sonicwall VPN in order to get this setup working?
          And do I need to enter the WAN IP somewhere in the VPN router, if so, where?

          Thanks for the responses so far
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            Re: Configuring a sonicwall VPN

            Which model of sonicwall are you using? Is it an SSL-VPN? Is it box to box? Is it the inbuilt Global VPN client?
            And "how" are you attempting to configure the VPN? Are you using the built in wizard as that would make life alot easier for yourself. Additionally if you have a modem infront of the sonicwall/firewall then there should be NO firewall configured on that device (modem). Its completely public facing and should be configured to pass all packets to the sonicwall. The sonicwall and modem will need to be in the same subnet with the gateway of the sonicwall pointing to the modem upstream.


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              Re: Configuring a sonicwall VPN

              Hi all...

              I've done a little more research in the meantime and the reason I've got so much problems setting up this VPN is that XS4ALL in The Netherlands limits his lines so that something like VPN's is really hard to setup...
              First of all you need to set your router/modem to bridged mode and go from there...
              We've given up to install on that particular line and advised the customer to get an additional (KPN) line since they're much more supportive in using VPN's on a home line...
              So thanks for all the info given here... I will make sure to use this when the client has purchased his other line and go from there... If I should need extra assistance, I'll be sure to ask here