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Proxy ARP, request and reply

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  • Proxy ARP, request and reply

    Hello all,

    This is my very first message in this forum, well done for the nice topics and the good work.

    I will procced directly to my questions/concerns, any help will be approciated a lot.

    I want to simulate in my LAN a Proxy ARP request and reply using wireshark and capture packets for real time analysis.

    What I want is to set up a network in order to have such a situation. From what I have understand, I need to create two subnetworks. lets say that Host A is located at the first subnetwork and has subnet mask On the other side we have Host B with subnet mask

    Now, In order to have a proxy ARP request, Host A must think that Host B is connected directly to its network.

    Therefore it will broadcast an ARP packet. Since the router cannot broadcast any ARP packets it will reply to Host A with its own MAC address. This is whan I want to see in the wireshark protocol analyser.

    What is the best way to configure my network? Currently I have a LinkSys Wag 200 as the main router ( I have also a Netgear in case we need it).

    Thank you in advance for your answers.

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    Re: Proxy ARP, request and reply

    In Proxy arp,when HostA is trying to ping HostB.
    Instead of HostB replying,router is going to reply with its mac address as
    Host B is directly connected it .
    BY using wireshark in the Host A,we can capture the request and reply packets.
    where we can see the reply from the router mac address.
    Using wireshark,we can capture incoming and outgoing traffic.