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    I have a work laptop, that connects to the internet no problems whilst at work, but when i go home to connect to my wireless BT broadband it doesnt connect. Says can can not connect (Usually error)

    The IP is set to automatically. My friend can connect to it with her laptop therefore dont think its the router.

    Any advise.


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    Re: Wireless connection

    You may want to include some more details in your post if you want a resolution. What is the error message? Are you using a windows client to connect or a 3rd party tool? Is the network card set to DHCP? How many network cards reside in the laptop as you say it connects to your work network with no issues.. is that via cat5 or wireless? etc etc.


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      Re: Wireless connection

      Do you have a Proxy setting in your web browser? If you use Internet Explorer at work, download and install Firfox for home use and see if that will give you an Internet connection.
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        Re: Wireless connection

        If my memory servers me correctly, you need your BT Router Mac Address entered in your Wireless Configuration to access your Home Hub. this needs inserted in your wireless card encryption setup.

        When you click on your Available Wireless Networks button, can you see your Home Hub?

        If you say your friend can connect you must have followed the install procedure at that time. I recommend following your original instructions.

        Other things to consider would be...

        1: Your wireless card settings may be set by Group Policy by your I.T department, and may be blocking access to your home hub.

        2: You could try configuring your Wireless Card Adpater settings manually, using Windows XP alternate Configuration. If the card cannot contact a DHCP server for a Leased IP address, it will automaitcally use your Alternate Configuration settings. Applies to Windows XP. You will need network address information from your BT Home Hub, or you could copy the details from your Friends laptop.

        Type ipconfig/all at the command prompt. All the details you will need are the same except for the IP Address.

        So if your frinds laptop has an address of make your laptop

        Configuring an Alternate IP Address

        Laptops and other mobile devices that participate on more than one network often use a static IP address at one location and a dynamically assigned IP address at another. For example, your computer might use dynamic addressing (DHCP) at the office but need to use a static IP address when at home to connect to a broadband ISP.
        Windows XP Professional solves this problem by allowing the user to configure the computer to first try DHCP, and then, if the attempt fails, to try alternate static IP address settings.
        To configure a static IP alternate address
        1. In Control Panel, select Network and Internet Connections.
        2. In the Network and Internet Connections sheet, select Network Connections.
        3. In Network Connections, right-click Local Area Connections and click Properties.
        4. In the Local Area Connection Properties sheet, click the General tab. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties.
        5. On the Alternate Configuration tab, select User configured for a static address as your alternate IP address.
        6. Enter your alternate IP address, alternate subnet mask, and alternate default gateway.
        7. Type the preferred and alternate DNS server address for this network.
        8. Type the preferred and alternate WINS server address for this network.
        9. Click OK.
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          Re: Wireless connection


          It is set to DHCP. The error message is :
          Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

          Most likely causes:
          • <LI id=causeNotConnected>You are not connected to the Internet. <LI id=causeSiteProblem>The website is encountering problems.
          • There might be a typing error in the address.
          What you can try:

          [IMG]res://ieframe.dll/bullet.png[/IMG] Diagnose Connection Problems

          [IMG]res://ieframe.dll/down.png[/IMG]More information

          I connect via cable at work and then wireless at home. only one NIC
          and one WNIC in the laptop.



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            Re: Wireless connection

            Thanks Fergie for the help.

            Ill give it a go.