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  • Network Speed Query

    I want to speed my network up, I nave x2 PC's & a NAS All with Gigabit network cards connected to a Linksys WRT54GL DSL 4 port Modem & router. My router's top speed is only 100Mbps.

    Would I be right in thinking I need to buy a gigabit switch & connect the PC's / NAS to this & then also connect the modem router to this as well?

    Would this give me gigabit transfer between PC's & the NAS or would the router drag the whole setup down to a 100Mbps?

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    Re: Network Speed Query

    The router if connected to the switch will negociate at 100mb. The other devices assuming you will be using Cat5e cables will auto negociate at 1gb. That would give you under optimal conditions up to 1000mb transfer speeds between your PC's and NAS.


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      Re: Network Speed Query

      Thanks for that.