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  • Routing Problem

    I have a Cisco router (routerA) at a remote site, which connects point-to-point to the HQ site (routerB), and it needs to communicate to another router (routerC) that is connected at the HQ site. From the CLI in routerA I cannot ping routerC, but from a PC located with routerA, I can open a dos prompt and ping to routerC with no problems. If I do a traceroute from routerA to see where the packets are going as it reaches routerC - I get nothing. But if I do a tracert from the PC, it shows the trace all the way to router C. Why am I not getting any results in routerA, but do in the PCs?

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    Re: Routing Problem

    PC is connected to the routerA and able to traceroute routerc,
    logically we should be able to traceroute routerC from routerA.
    The reason why you are not able to traceroute routerc from routerA, can be because some router will not support, you can check it out if that
    particular router model support traceroute.