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LAN-to-LAN - Router & SBS_2k3

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  • LAN-to-LAN - Router & SBS_2k3

    Dear Community,

    I've got a special problem.

    I would like to configure a LAN-to-LAN between a Vigor 2910VGi router and a Windows 2003 SBS which is using ISA 2004, and is behind the same type of router.

    The PPTP VPN is working correctly from External world, through the router --> SBS and backwards.

    Now I didn't wanted to have all 5 PC-s dialing all the time, lets set up a router, which will do the dialing all day long, people just go home and have the office, like they were in the office. Sounds easy.

    LAN-to-LAN set up okay, ISA 2004 said: IP spoofing. Okay. Spoofing turned off, ISA server restart, problem still exists, but no what?!

    The workaround is following:

    SITE A: Vigor router with IP segment of, Clients receive IP Adresses from router's DHCP server. Working perfectly of course, Internet is an easy ADSL. Like a home, really.

    SITE B:

    Vigor router with external fixed IP, the internal IP is and here is no dhcp server of course because of the windows 2003 dhcp.

    The router has got the port 1723 to the server opened, and this windows server has got the internal IP address of

    Therefore, conclusion:

    the SITE A internal network is -
    the SITE B internal network is -

    I wanted to ping from one side, the other one. NOT successfull.

    Completed successfully 'til now:

    If I connect with an XP machine using PPTP, it connects. Working is perfectly solveable.

    If I connect with the Vigor router's built in LAN-to-LAN:

    I don't really know what to give as address and how to set up , but I did the following (on the router's LANtoLAN setup page):

    My WAN IP:
    Remote gateway IP:
    Remote network IP:
    Remote Network Mask:
    RIP Direction: TX/RX Both
    From first subnet to remote network, you have to do: ROUTE (other option would be NAT, mmhmm dunno)

    There is an option with "Change default route to this VPN Tunnel" which I didn't selected, the box is empty next to it.

    The Vigor connects, the ISA server says, 0xc0040014, which means it is dropped because of spoofing reasons.

    This was the point I turned off Spoofing.

    Now I don't receive any failures, it says simply quite nothing, everything is successfull only I cannot even ping the server. But with XP VPN I can do that.

    Is this such a difficult thing to solve...?

    Can someone explain what I should do?

    One other thing is, at ISA 2004, Configuration --> Networks --> Networks --> Internal is set up for: - -

    I don't really know what to do, I am out of ideas and confused...

    Any questions will be answered of course...

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    Re: LAN-to-LAN - Router & SBS_2k3

    As really good news:

    I logged into the router ( from the client ( and tried a ping from the router - of course after a successful vpn connection - to the server ( I received a reply!

    I tried to ping FROM SERVER ( - THE ROUTER'S NEWLY RECEIVED IP ADDRESS ( Successfully accomplished! I could of course log in on this new address and ping the client on the 192.168.1.x segment! But its only working from the router, not from client...

    So the main thing is:

    I still cannot ping from client ( connecting to router ( through vpn received address ( the server (, therefore, no data can be exchanged.

    Or take a look backwards: I cannot ping from server ( the client IP at the end ( which is connected to the router's vpn ( and having as a gw and dhcp server address.

    Should I give some route add net commands? How do I do that?! Help me please...


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      Re: LAN-to-LAN - Router & SBS_2k3

      Hello there i don't have any experience with vpn with routers, only with windows servers. That can be a isa problemn, have you tryed to turn off isa server and test that ? you should change route to nat, and probably some routing issues. Have you googled outhere and see if you found any similar problem ? One Thing the ip's are from to and not 255.

      Kevin Guerreiro