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  • Datcenter move

    This is our current setup.

    We have two locationsí currently

    SiteA: 10.1.2 subnet
    12 servers
    Internet Connection
    Spam firwall
    Web Filter
    2 DC's
    1 Exchange 03
    2 Citrix Metframe servers
    SharePoint server
    Bes server
    Sql server
    PTP to site A

    SiteB: 10.1.1. Subnet
    1 DC
    1 FS
    1 Backup server

    Here are my thoughts on this move.

    SIteB will have an internet connection installed
    SiteA will keep its internet connection.
    We will be moving the majority of the servers to SiteB.

    I am not sure if i should just flip the IP Scheme and have 10.1.2 subnet at siteB or keep the subnets the same.

    I have never done a data center so any input would be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Datcenter move

    You're gonna need a good plan of action for this type of job. Moving the firewall alone will require a lot of changes in configuration if you were to use the SiteB IP scheme. And even if you did the swap of the subnets you still have to watch the config for the servers you don't move over.

    My advice, do a report for each server and compile a list of server connections in the config...especially for an app server.