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Cannot print to any network printer

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  • Cannot print to any network printer

    Hi folks

    Hoping someone can help with this as I am totally lost

    I have just moved my vessels IT infrastructure back onboard after a major upgrade on the vessel. The IT infrastructure has been working fine for 6 months in the offices while the project was ongong.

    I have now moved the servers( 2 x 2003 servers, 20 pc's and 11 HP printrs back onboard and tested citrix, email, web all ok. I also tested printing to about 4 printers on the 1st day throgh the network and throgh citrix all ok.

    The next day I came in and I cannot print to any network printer from any pc or server. At first I thoght it was the print spooler but this seems ok and I then added a new printer to a pc by its IP address and that still did not work discouting problems with the server. I also deleted the printers and re -added but I keep getting the same error

    I can ping the printers and connect to their web interface by IP but if I click a test page I get an error straight away asking if I want to go through the printer help.

    If I try to print from word, etxc it goes throgh the actions but nothing happens.

    Any help appreciated

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    Re: Cannot print to any network printer

    What is the text in the error?
    What did the move entail?
    Can the printers print test pages?

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