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generic VPN client ?

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  • generic VPN client ?

    Does anybody know of a Windows-based VPN client that is able to connect to any sort of VPN endpoint ?

    By this I mean Safenet, Cisco, PPtP/Windows, Checkpoint, and any of the other myriad number of end points.

    The reason why we need this is that we support specific portions of a large number of clients' infratstructure.
    All together, we have 5 different VPN connection methods, not counting Citrix and other web-based methods.

    htis causes huge problems with our builds, as we have to install certain vpn clients in a specific order, and then stop the service and set it to manual, then install the next one, so on, so forth.

    Then when the consultant goes to use the laptop, we have to train them through this arcane method of connecting to each vpn.

    'Oh, you want client A, ok, run StartCiscoVPN'
    'You want client X now, brilliant.. run StartSafenetVPN'
    'Ok, over we go to client 22, they use a Windows VPN, so run StopVPNClients, then use start > network settings > connect to client bla'

    Beyond this, is also creates TCP stack problems.. I suspect it's partly where we had aproblems with WFBS, before I gave up.

    So yea, to re-iterate my question.. does anyone know of a windows-based VPN gui that will support multiple end-points ?
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    Re: generic VPN client ?

    A Google search came up with this:


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      Re: generic VPN client ?

      thank you good sir.. I shall investigate it
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        Re: generic VPN client ?

        Let us know what the outcome is.
        We also struggling with the same fight. It's unbelievable that this is possible.
        I think it's a marketing (or selling) strategy from the vendors.
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